Heart Centered Healing of the Rockies

Private Reading

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A Private Reading can provide you with answers, give clarity and help heal from grief.


Psychic and Medium Reading

Thank you for entrusting me with a private reading, I look forward to helping you with your situation. This reading is an audio reading. This works for my clients and myself very well. This allows me to sit in meditation and do the reading when my schedule allows.  

Please specify the focus of the reading, you may ask up to three very specific questions. If they are not specific enough I will modify them. I do request a photo(s) up to three. 

The reading is typically 20-30 minutes, sometimes longer, sometimes shorter. Please take into account that I sit in a meditation / automatic writing session for 30-60 minutes before each reading.

I offer a follow-up phone call or text session to discuss the reading, up to 30-minutes.


  • Please fill out the form on this page to let me know you are purchasing a private reading and agreeing to the Private Reading Policy.  
  • Ask up to three questions, and upload up to three photos.
  • Pay for the reading.
  • I will confirm that I received your request and payment. 
  • After payment clears or I see that it is processing, we schedule the delivery of the reading.


  • Depending on my calendar, delivery is typically within 5 business days after it is scheduled. If readings are in high demand then 5-10 days. You will be notified if it will be past 5 days. If it is an emergency and need within 24 hours an additional fee will be added. I cannot always accommodate this request. I will let you know at the time of booking.
  • You are responsible for saving the audio or video file to your computer.

Private Reading Request

Thank you!


  • By law I must tell you this reading is for entertainment purposes only.
  • I use the tarot and oracle decks as a tool but I am an intuitive reader. I do not use cards for every reading. I use the tools I am drawn to for each sitter, if any—each reading is different.
  • No refunds if not satisfied with the reading.
  • You cannot hold Heart Centered Healing of the Rockies or Kathy Amen liable for anything regarding this reading. 
  • Please understand that even the very best and famous mediums are 80% accurate on average. I strive to meet or excel beyond that expectation. I have very good reviews.
  • No readings on issues regarding: health, legalities, pregnancy—however, it is very possible these subjects will come up in your reading. If they do you were meant to hear the messages.
  • No readings concerning someone else’s situation or relationship.
  • Please understand you are booking me for a reading. You are in control of the outcome. I can give guidance but only you are in control of how you respond, act and believe after the reading.
  • By paying for this reading you are confirming that you have agreed to this policy. 
  • Do not book under alias.