Heart Centered Healing of the Rockies

Spiritual Healing For Land, Home or Building

Land and dwellings are all able to be healed. Benefits can range from improvements in relationships, mental states, prosperity and peacefulness, and can also be performed in preparation of sale or if there is difficulty selling the property.


Does something in your house or on your land just not feel right? Or maybe you find yourself in a bad mood, or having arguments with people when you’re there? Or perhaps you notice strange happenings around your home? These are all signs that your property is in need of a healing.

When we live on land or a dwelling in need of a healing, it affects our health and happiness. We can become sad and sick from simply residing in that negative space.

Land, homes and buildings are all able to be healed. In short, the denser energies that reside there are removed, then the vibration of the property is raised. Benefits of a healing can range from improvements in relationships, mental states, prosperity and peacefulness.

I connect with my native Spirit Guides to perform the healing, which will include a written report detailing what was healed; and a follow-up discussion after the reading. I may offer coaching with the reading. 

Healing is for a property up to 2 acres. If the property is over 2 acres, contact me for a customized cost.

This is a remote 4-hour reading performed over 2 days. Reading can be done in-person if nearby. Remote works the same as in-person.

I offer this service with or without the written report and follow-up discussion.


  • Fill out the form, read, and agree to the Policy below.  
  • Upload a map of the property.
  • Upload up to five photos of the property.
  • Upload photo(s) of the property owner(s).
  • At the time of booking and receipt of payment, we schedule the reading; you will receive a confirmation email.
  • You may call, text or email, (970) 227–1081 or heartcenteredhealingofrockies@gmail.com.


Thank You


  • The Spiritual Healing for Land, Home or Building Reading is non-refundable.
  • Heart Centered Healing of the Rockies / Kathy Amen cannot be held liable for anything regarding this reading. 
  • You are booking me for a reading. I can give you guidance, but you are in control of the outcome, and how you respond, act and believe after the reading.
  • Understand the very best and famous psychic mediums are 80% accurate on average. I strive to meet or excel beyond that expectation. I have very good reviews.
  • I am an intuitive, but by law, I must inform you this reading is for entertainment purposes only.
  • Do not book under alias.
  • By purchasing this reading you are confirming you have read and agreed to the policy.